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On the 21st AMSA gave a comprehensive talk on the new “National Crew Certificates” proposed crew certificates under Maritime Safety National Law.
From 2013, Part E of the NSCV will include minimum requirements for any operation on any vessel.
In brief you can continue to use your current ticket in the way you always have and nothing needs to change or upgrade.
You may choose to change to the new system and a few short courses later obtain the benefits of the new National system.
At this stage all tickets and qualifications have an equivalent to the new system.
However the One ticket that suffers is the 600nm from the Australian Coast being reduced to 200nm!!!!!!!!
AMSA suggests any person with these tickets/License’s go to their web page at www.nms.gov.au and have your say!
Here you will also find a 17 page overview document that details the new changes and another set of pages for all the individual Skipper,Master and MED tickets.

Good Luck.

Since Christmas is on our door step the Gold Coast Marine Safety Committee will not have another meeting until late January or February.

“Keep a proper lookout” and safe boating for the Xmas season

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