Oct 11

Meeting 29 Oct 2012 GCMSC

The next meeting for the Gold Coast Marine Safety Committee will be held on

29 Oct 2012

17:30 hours at the VMR Base Seaworld drive Main Beach

A sausage sizzle to start with and the meeting commences from 18:30HRS

A full agenda shall be emailed to all members closer to the date.If you wish to add any Items contact gcmsc1@gmail.com

MSQ will talk on changes to the Main Channel underneath the Sundale Bridge including Harbour Master’s direction whilst the barge “Leanora” manoeuvres into position south-west of the bridge (see attached drafts – to be published this week).

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Feb 19

Gold Coast Marine Saftey Commitee Meeting Feb

The next meeting for the GCMSC will be on the 7th march 2012at the VMR400 base at Seaworld drive Main Beach At 18:00Hrs. A sausage sizzle will be cooked by MSQ staff from 17:30.

John Bendal from MSQ shall talk on the Seaway Entrance , Sand Pumping Jetty and general infrastructure around the Broadwater and our usual items.

If you have any agenda items please let us know

Look forward to seeing you all there and any new people or companies.


Tony Morris Chairman GCMSC


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Feb 05

GCMC info

On the 21st AMSA gave a comprehensive talk on the new “National Crew Certificates” proposed crew certificates under Maritime Safety National Law.
From 2013, Part E of the NSCV will include minimum requirements for any operation on any vessel.
In brief you can continue to use your current ticket in the way you always have and nothing needs to change or upgrade.
You may choose to change to the new system and a few short courses later obtain the benefits of the new National system.
At this stage all tickets and qualifications have an equivalent to the new system.
However the One ticket that suffers is the 600nm from the Australian Coast being reduced to 200nm!!!!!!!!
AMSA suggests any person with these tickets/License’s go to their web page at www.nms.gov.au and have your say!
Here you will also find a 17 page overview document that details the new changes and another set of pages for all the individual Skipper,Master and MED tickets.

Good Luck.

Since Christmas is on our door step the Gold Coast Marine Safety Committee will not have another meeting until late January or February.

“Keep a proper lookout” and safe boating for the Xmas season

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Oct 19

Gold Coast Marine Safety Commitee

Approximately 30 commercial owners and skippers were present at our last meeting at the V.M.R base.

Bureau Of Meteorology gave a very enlightening talk on their forecasting system and explained how in the future we should have a more localized system in place for the immediate Gold Coast region that will be far more accurate for our area.

Micheal Gilmore was voted to represent the Gold Coast Marine safety Committee with the Broadwater Master Plan steering committee that will decide the future planning of the local waterway for the next 20 years.

Prior to Xmas an expert on heavy weather, marina and vessel management in cyclones shall talk on the subject.

We would like you to attend and join GCMSC and RSVP to Tony Morris 0411 66 11 80 or email using the contact form

Date to be decided



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Aug 25

Gold Coast Marine Safety Commitee Meeting

When: 6pm 12th September 2011
Where: Southport Yacht Club

Main Agenda:
AMSA has been invited to talk on the new national laws covering the regulation of commercial vessels and single national jurisdiction effecting all commercial vessel operations  and licensing.

This is one you should not miss, everybody is welcome!

We would like you to attend and join GCMSC and RSVP to Tony Morris 0411 66 11 80 or email using the contact form.

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